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Welcome to our Exceptional Oils team page! Guiding you on your essential oil journey!
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The Exceptional Oils Team

Join our Exceptional Oils Group as we share great HOPE!


I struggled with MANY health challenges for over 32 years, was prescribed many medications and continued to medically spiral downwards. I felt like I ran into one dead end after another until I began learning about natural solutions. ​For over a decade, I then used herbs and supplements to support my health and while they helped to some extent, my health continued to spiral downward.


In 2012, I learned that therapeutic essential oils are 50-70% more powerful than herbs so I sought out the purest and most potent essential oils and began to use them. My life changed! ​


I have been set free from many illnesses and I no longer uses any medications! I am grateful to lead the Exceptional Oils team teaching and traveling worldwide to share HOPE, LOVE and LIFE!! ​


Many, many people feel sick and broken. Our goal is to empower restoration for you and your family. There are answers! There is HOPE!


Therapeutic essential oils support our bodies at the cellular level and promote restoration of health. The safety, purity and potency of doTERRA oils is remarkable! That is why many doctors, clinics and hospitals trust only doTERRA.


​Want to join our group? Our global group empowers families by providing access to the best essential oils AND incredible tools, education and community including extensive online education, exclusive Facebook Groups and Worldwide Video Conferencing and coaching.


We are here for YOU! Blessings ~ Amy Huffman doTERRA Diamond

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